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this is How We Do It

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create your own success.

Pregame is the space to create your game plan with the support of a winning team.

Our trainers and coaches are established experts with a track record of results, taking a time out to share our best practices for real-world success. 

We ask the right questions.
We tell the truth.
We're open to change.
We celebrate success.
We know that done is better than perfect. 
We focus on the journey as well as the destination. 
We want every opportunity to be a win-win.

We believe everyone is elevated when we are maximizing our potential in life, work, and community.

We are your coach, your team, your trainers, your fans, and your cheer squad. We want you to win.

Welcome to the Pregame.


Let's create your best business with the strategy + support of a team.

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If you're all about maximizing your potential in business and in life, Pregame was created for you.

I started Pregame to give visionaries the ideal space and support to get everything you need to create your own success. It's based on my 15+ years of working with creators to launch and grow businesses, careers, events, and creative projects.

Whether you define success as launching your dream business, scaling for growth, owning your time, establishing yourself as a thought leader, publishing that book, or finally making the money you deserve, we're here to turn your vision into your reality.

Even those of us who are bravely following our dreams need consistent support. We need a place where we don't have to have it all together. We need to get off social media and out of the house or office to get authentic connection. We need trustworthy advice based on real-world experience from people who get it. 

We're in this together. Join us to create the HQ for players dedicated to creating our own success.

Strategy & Style,
Ciara Pressler
Pregame Founder


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