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sprint STUDIO:
level up your marketing in just one day!

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pregame Your Marketing with easy speedy Packages

Need to blast past the starting line? Save time & money with a super-fast Sprint!

It’s a half-day, highly-concentrated session at Pregame HQ designed to get you exactly what you need in four hours or less.

If you're ready to launch but not ready to invest in a full-service consultant, a Sprint is exactly what you need to get in the game.

You'll walk away with finished marketing ready to use right away. No worries. No hidden costs. No problem!

Need a Website? Better Content? Media Attention? We got you!


pregame your webSite

Get a super-sleek Website that showcases your business, brand, or event, live and online in just one day! We'll even train you to make edits yourself.

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pregame your message

Know you're awesome, but not sure how to say it? We'll create Messaging Essentials that persuade people to work with you and spread the word!


pregame your Pr

Not ready to hire a PR firm? You can start building buzz now by getting a ready-to-use Media Pitch Package.


"From the first moment, we felt like we were in the right hands -- they completely molded our image from day one. They came up with the perfect name, perfect branding, and perfect image that we were able to put out to the public."

- ML, Real Estate Entrepreneur, New York City

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