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It's a Business!

Join Ciara Pressler to celebrate the birth of her new business with delicious treats, bubbly drinks, new friends, and gifts for everyone!

Startup Shower

Sunday, October 16
12:00pm - 2:00pm(ish)

Pregame PDX Clubhouse
926 NW 13th Avenue at Lovejoy
Portland, OR 97209

Baby [Business] Registry at



...a Startup Shower?
Yes. Kinda like a launch party, but for friends, family, and those who have been supportive during the multi-year pregnancy of my business idea. Also, I'm child-free, so I get to celebrate other life-altering goals. Any excuse for a party!

Yes. I pitched it as a media story and people are covering it, so I actually have to do it now. Plus I'm going to launch it as a service at Pregame, so we need photos of it actually going down. Let's do this!

And you registered?
Yes. I've always wanted a label-maker. A girl's gotta have dreams. But as with all life event parties, your presence is present enough.


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