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speed studio: Starter Site

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get your website online in just one day!

Stop stalling and get your website DONE. In just a few hours, we'll put together a professional, polished website that you can even edit yourself.

No more depending on some hard-to-track-down web guy for every edit - now your new website is entirely in your hands. 

With Pregame, you can wake up anonymous and go to sleep an Internet sensation! 

Great For: New Businesses, Solo Professionals, Special Events, Authors, Consultants & Coaches, Venues, Side Hustles

Your Starter Site Includes all this awesomeness

  • Strategy Session - what do you need your website to do?
  • What's Your Address? domain name selection (
  • Design Decision - we'll select the right Squarespace template with you
  • Page Perfect - up to five pages that showcase what you do
  • Basic SEO - we'll select keywords that will help you get search engine love
  • Cool Content - we'll edit your words so they work for your website, like About Us and Bios
  • Image is Everything - stock photo selection or choosing from your own photos
  • Social Media - links to all your social sites so you can get more followers
  • BONUS! Newsletter Signup - we can also create an email list signup form!

They helped clarify my brand by bumping up the look and vibe of what I had already created. They write concise, exciting copy that people get on board with, immediately. I am consistently getting praise on my website for being clear, straightforward, and totally ME.  What more could I ask for!?

- ES, Fitness & Life Coach, NYC

Get your starter site fast for Just $1497
4-Hour SPRINT session @ pregame hq

We'll send you a prep form so we can hit the ground running. You'll need to arrive ready with copy drafts, your logo, and any special photos you want to use.
Additional Fees: Bring a credit card to pay Squarespace for your domain name, website hosting, and email account (About $100). This makes it simpler to auto-renew your site.

Here are some sites we started in just one day!


Can you make me a Wordpress or Wix site?
Nope. We only offer Squarespace for this service because their designs are already awesome and it's almost impossible to mess things up when you edit it yourself. Hooray!

Can you edit my current site?
Maybe. Contact us about what you need done and we'll let you know if this is the right package.

Can I sell stuff on my site?
Yes! While we won't set up your e-commerce for selling products, your site will have the capability to add this later. You can always link to another site (like Etsy or Amazon) where your products are sold. If you're looking to sell a service like an e-course, we can link to where it's hosted, or you can use this site to start collecting emails so that you have an audience ready to buy it when you launch!

Can I have a blog?
Yes! We'll even help you brainstorm some topics and how often to post.

Can you refer me to someone who can build a different kind of site?
Yes! Instead of a Starter Site, you should book a Kickoff Session, which includes referrals to our favorite experts.

Not sure what you need? book a 60-minute, one on one kickoff session to get a full checkup on your business!

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