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Wellness Consolidated

Wellness Consolidated

Wellness Consolidated is changing the corporate wellness game.

Founded by Sophia Asghar, Wellness Consolidated focuses on fitness, food, and fun to show you results you never thought were possible. 

Sophia enjoys motivating others toward a shared goal and meeting challenges with enthusiasm, creativity and persistence. 

Sophia's Pregame HQ is the PDX Clubhouse. Connect with her for:

  • Wellness coaching
  • Nutrition plans
  • Physical training

You get happy and healthy employees. If you’re impacting the employee, they bring that home to their family and that trickles down. It’s very valuable.
— Ashley G., HR Generalist II, CWWS, PHR, Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Sophia Asghar

Sophia Asghar is a 360˚ corporate Wellness consultant. 

Sophia helps companies and their employees improve their performance through fitness, food, and fun. She has over fifteen years of experience helping people become healthier, happier, and more fulfilled in life. 

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I’m a lot stronger as a result. I was just amazed at how many more sit-ups I can do, from 2 to 20. I have really liked that sense of community that the classroom environment in the work setting provides.
— Mary Lou T., SPHR, VP, Moda Health


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