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we’re BETTER TOGETHER: life coaching AT PREGAME

Pregame is the space to create your own success with the support of a team, and that goes beyond business.

Join The Huddle, our small group sessions after office hours where we dive into discussion about how to create an extraordinary life. Get clarity on your personal goals while making the journey more inspiring, thoughtful, and connected.

Put your hustle on hold and reward yourself with a weekly dedicated hour of reflection to refresh and refocus on consciously creating your best life now.

Every time I go to Pregame I have an Aha! moment about who I am and what I want to do in life. Even better, I always meet interesting people who inspire me to think and live bigger.
— Miranda, Yoga Instructor

the huddle: in-depth conversation and coaching for your life goals

Power up your life with insights, discussion, and writing exercises about what you really want and how to move forward.

The Huddle is included with all Pregame Membership levels.

Fall 2019: Mondays @ 5pm
9.30 - Creating Your 90-Day Vision
10.07 - Defining Life Goals
10.14 - Finding the Common Denominator
10.21 - Clearing Your Environment
10.28 - Owning Why You’re Stuck
11.04 - Prioritizing Self-Care
11.11 - Holiday Game Plan
11.18 - Speedwork
11.25 - Doing Less to Get More
12.02 - Asking for Help
12.09 - Recognizing Love Languages
12.16 - Celebrating Your Growth

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bonus! Main Events

Join your whole Pregame team for new experiences every month, including Guest Speakers, Happy Hours, Field trips, and more.

Main Events are included with your Season Pass membership!



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