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Executive Solutions

Executive Solutions

Executive Solutions is a unique blend of coaching, consulting, and training to help clients align their goals and leadership talent.

Created by Robyn Knox, a sales and leadership development expert, Executive Solutions specializes in new business development, sales optimization, and strategy.

Robyn is passionate about educating and empowering her clients to achieve their business and financial goals.

Robyn's Pregame HQ is the PDX Clubhouse. Connect with her for:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Workshops
  • Team Training

I had found success in every area of my business except the one that really mattered – sales. With no roadmap to begin and little confidence to more forward, I felt stuck until I connected with Robyn. I can’t emphasize how quickly she was able to coach me to success, allowing me to draw out my unique talents and leapfrog past my competitors. Robyn has mastered what sales success looks like in the modern age and boiled it down to simple steps for fast and effective learning. She is a true sales master.
— Mark Tucker, Director of Training & Development, Powerhouse Inc.

Robyn Knox

Robyn Knox was born to sell. 

Whether it was leading the Bluebird troop in cookies sales or being voted team captain and class president, leadership & business have always been part of Robyn’s DNA. A native Oregonian and a proud University of Oregon graduate, this firebrand brings 15+ years experience in sales, marketing, and business development to the table. Her standout endeavors include owning a retail boutique and a finance and accounting recruiting firm; she currently owns Executive Solutions.

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.
— Harry Truman

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Complimentary Personalized Sales Strategy session. Schedule yours here.

Experience Robyn's expertise at The Win, our weekly sales workout, or at her monthly Sales Expert office hours.

Contact Robyn at 503-888-2344 or

SECRET WEAPON. Before I started working with Robyn as my sales coach, I underestimated the impact it would have accelerating my sales skills. Robyn is an incredible listener and tactful in her approach. Through the past few months working together, she has been my secret weapon in navigating difficult workplace dynamics, sales process improvement, and providing critical feedback essential to my personal development.
— Rachel R., Western Regional Sales Manager


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