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Today I had my one-on-one Kickoff Session at Pregame and made a seriously kick-ass plan of attack for my business. We figured out in ONE HOUR what I have been laboring over for nearly twelve months. I have no incentive to share this other than I genuinely believe what Pregame is doing is revolutionary for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
— K.S., Designer, Portland
When I joined Pregame, I was excited to be part a community where entrepreneurs could gather and support each other. I wanted to be around others who would ‘get me’ and understand the challenges that I face as an entrepreneur. But I’ve gotten so much more. I get weekly accountability with people I trust. I get planning sessions to make sure that I’m clear and focused. And I get a built-in team of business builders that understand what I’m going through and can offer valuable insight and perspective. A Pregame membership has offered so much more than what I signed up for. For me, building a business is a team sport and Pregame is where I go to ensure that I’m on track and have a solid game plan.
— Michael Knouse, Host of The Startup Sessions Podcast & Founder of The Council of Visionary Business Builders
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“Pregame has been an enormous help to me in shaping how I think about my role in my company and how to strategically utilize goal setting.”
— Kristy Sanchez, CEO, Regency Management Inc.
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In 45 minutes I had my year-end goals mapped out for the next six weeks. Bam!!! My entrepreneurial friends, you gotta check out Pregame. It’s a unique resource for catapulting your business forward. I’ve checked out just about every entrepreneurial group and resource in town and nothing comes close.
— Sophia Asghar, Owner, Wellness Consolidated
If people don’t get the value of Pregame, they’re missing the boat. It’s such an affordable way to learn. You can’t get this from a one-time experience; you need the accountability. It’s not enough to have a vision. Write it down. Make it an action. Once they are actions, they become a part of your life. I take my business seriously and I have goals. Pregame gives me exactly what I need to achieve them.
— John Thompson, Owner, John Thompson Designer
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I was in a rut of reacting to issues and feeling stuck working ‘in’ my business until I found Pregame. The weekly workouts give me solid, directed business advice with a dose of accountability to make sure I get stuff done, plus one-on-one training when I need it. Goal setting is pervasive and helps me move forward every week, month, and quarter throughout the year. I love the supportive environment and having peers who know what it’s like to run your own business. Thanks to Pregame I’m now working “on” my business and loving it more than I ever have.
— Marty Nelson, Founder, Alchemy Code Lab
One of the most daunting aspects of starting your own business is feeling like you’re out there trying to figure everything out by yourself. Pregame is the exact opposite of that. I get an objective read on my business, marketing, and goals, and great ideas on how to really present my business the way I see it. In addition, the connections and community of other like-minded entrepreneurs is a welcome change from my usual work-from-home vibe.
— Dan Hawk, Photographer
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Pregame has helped me get organized, bolster my confidence, and get over my fear of negotiating for money and demanding my real value. I would not be making the progress that I have without Ciara and her team.
— Bill Stewart, Cannabis Entrepreneur
When I first heard about Pregame, I put it on my list of resources to look into at some future point. But then a colleague encouraged me to meet with Ciara, and that meeting changed everything. Here was someone with the experience and expertise to coach me on building my consulting practice, a business model that would provide effective support, and a pricing model that I could afford even in my budget-conscious formative phase. While I was tempted to put off joining a little while longer, I jumped in and signed up right away - and I’m very glad I did. Shortly after joining Pregame, my revenue went up and my stress level went down. I’ve made friends and won new clients, found my peer group, and benefit from the inspiration, accountability, and motivation the workshops provide. Pregame takes the “solo” out of solopreneur. Just because you don’t have a boss or a staff, doesn’t mean you can’t have a team.
— Lisa Wagner, Website Strategist & Intel Alumna
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Pregame offers constructive direction and professional amplification to the current state of your business. The Clubhouse and dynamic community offer a wonderful space to get really clear in your own head.
— Meris Gebhardt, Founder, Opulent Mindfulness
The workshop was everything we didn’t learn in business school.
— MBA and Entrepreneur
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Part of the effectiveness of Pregame is being in a physical space where you are locked into a tank of action, and decisions come out of that. It makes a difference about getting the conversation real. I am so grateful to have Pregame as a constant, grounding and focusing what makes me and my business grow.
— Linda Stimac, Founder, Peak Development Consulting and Owner, Firebrand Sports
My connection with E. at your Goal Event is continuing to blossom with returns. My organization is hosting her events where she gathers movers and shakers from the dance world to share resources and ideas. It is something she has wanted to do for a lot time, but needed an accountability buddy to make it happen. The response to the first event was really positive and she felt super empowered, she was very appreciative towards me, and I have to pass that along to you. I wouldn’t have been so focused on paying it forward and helping E. with her goal without your event and inspiration. Thank you!
— L.N., Business Development, New York City
Anyone who brings Pregame in to do a workshop will easily get triple the value of what they spend. Expect nothing but powerful growth for you and your company.
— M.R., Producer, Entrepreneurs’ Conference

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