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The Pregame Story: Ciara Pressler Interview

Ciara Pressler stopped by Digital Trends to talk about Pregame’s background and unique approach to solving business challenges.

Host Greg Nibler covers everything from what Pregame is to how people get started growing their businesses through Pregame.

Here’s the highlight reel:

  • Ciara didn’t mean to start a business - getting laid off led to a domino effect including her first business in 2009 and seven years later, Pregame Clubhouse in Portland.

  • Why it’s a better approach to think of yourself as a business, even if you’re a freelancer.

  • Ciara’s book Game Plan is the catalyst for the Pregame workouts.

  • First came Goal Brunch, then Game Plan, then Pregame!

  • Goal Brunch has happened in New York, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Los Angeles,

  • Pregame was the solution for the thing that’s missing from Goal Brunch and Game Plan: accountability.

  • Burnout is real, but there are specific ways to prevent it.

  • Pregame isn’t just about learning from a coach; each member brings a wealth

  • Today, there’s no business that isn’t a tech business. Even if you outsource, you have to have a baseline understanding of your tech tools s

  • Ciara’s ultimate dream is to plant Pregames in every creative entrepreneurial city.

Thanks to Greg and the whole Digital Trends team for a great interview!

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