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Pregame Your Business: HMBA Members


Pregame Your Business: HMBA Members

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A business tune-up and strategy workshop exclusively for members of the Historic Mississippi Business Association. All proceeds go toward promotion of this year’s Mississippi Street Fair!

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Thursday, May 9
8:00am - 9:15am

The Alberta Space
5010 NE 9th Ave Unit B
Portland, OR 97211

Suggested donation $20 small business / $10 solopreneur at the door; all proceeds go to marketing fund for the Mississippi Street Fair

What do you want to achieve most in your business -- and where are you stuck? Join Pregame for a full fitness assessment of your business so you can spring clean your strategy and move forward faster.

You'll walk away with:

  • Clarity on your most immediate priorities

  • A commitment to specific actions that will move you forward

  • Reasons why goals fail and what to do about it

  • Pro tips for making things easier and more streamlined today

  • How to stay accountable for what you know you should do!

[great for] entrepreneurs, creative professionals, small business owners, general managers, full time freelancers

[coach] Ciara Pressler, Pregame Founder w/ Expertise in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Goals

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