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Team training

Pregame introduces cutting-edge training experiences designed to power your team’s focus, communication, and growth.

Our exclusive content has been leveraged by small businesses, sales teams, innovators, and entrepreneurs to create and achieve extraordinary goals. Our workshops are designed to deliver strategy and a practical approach that will motivate your players to think bigger, collaborate better, and work with integrity, discipline, and creativity.

Bring our coaches to your HQ, or bring your team to the Pregame Clubhouse for an unforgettable off-site experience.

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Our Content has been leveraged by teams, creatives, and leaders across the U.S.

The workshop was everything we didn’t learn in business school.
— Entrepreneur and MBA
Anyone who brings Ciara Pressler in to do a workshop will easily get triple the value of what they spend. She is incredibly adept at identifying the needs of her audience and creates an experience that is unique and memorable. Expect nothing but powerful growth for you and your company.
— M.R., Conference Producer, New York City

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