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Accelerate Your Business Growth with a special one-day Business + Marketing Retreat at Pregame


It’s time to take your design business to the next level: NWSID is partnering with Pregame to offer a one-day business retreat that will give you the tools you need to create a business that supports your creativity, finances, and life!

Friday, November 8
9:30am - 4:30pm
Pregame PDX Clubhouse
926 NW 13th Avenue

$297 Guests / $147 NWSID Members


Curriculum breakdown


Session 1: Pregame Your Business

Get our entire goal approach in one workshop: Game Plan Bootcamp distills the best practices for creating your own success in business, based on Pregame Founder Ciara Pressler's book Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business.

Through six high intensity intervals, you'll learn the essentials of setting and achieving the goals that matter most to you. You'll walk away knowing how you can use the Game Plan approach to support your professional + personal goals, get fresh ideas for attacking your challenges, and connect with peers in a space dedicated to your development.

[coach] Ciara Pressler, Pregame Founder

Session 2: Pregame Your marketing

Where are your marketing strengths, opportunities, and blind spots? In this strategy workshop, Pregame will break down the 12 essential elements of marketing for your business, service, product or event. Know exactly where you stand and what to focus on next in order to win new clients and build buzz for your brand. 

We’ll walk you through exercises to identify your ideal customer, then put it into action with where to find them, what to say, and how to build the loyal relationships that lead to repeat clients.

[coach] Jen Price, Pregame Coach

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Your workshop was everything we didn’t learn in business school.
— MBA / Entrepreneur

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