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michael Knouse

Michael Knouse

Michael Knouse helps established business builders escape overwhelm, find focus and thrive as an impact-driven entrepreneur. He empowers visionary entrepreneurs to realize their full potential through accountability, smart business design, deep focus and execution.

Michael's HQ is the PDX Clubhouse. Connect with him for:

One-on-One Business Performance Coaching
An exclusive private coaching immersion experience with a comprehensive focus on business strategy and creating the focus and structure necessary to joyfully create the most profitable year of your life. You will apply a proven framework for identifying 90-day outcome goals, strategies, and processes that will allow to you create tremendous focus and momentum in your business. 

The Council of Visionary Business Builders
A peer-based community of self-funded, mission-driven business builders. The objective is to leverage the experience and knowledgebase of fellow ambitious entrepreneurs to build a world-class business. The experience is part coaching, part mastermind and part community – designed as an immersion experience for you to build tremendous momentum and achieve bold outcomes while surrounding yourself with others that refuse to let you fail.

The Council of Visionary Business Builders starts october 5 - reserve your spot now

Pregame Member? You can apply up to $200/month of your membership fee to the Council.
Not a Pregame Member? Join by October 1 to receive both the Council and Pregame memberships for the same rate.

In my first meeting with Michael, it was immediately clear to me that “he gets it” and he is deeply committed to helping people define their businesses on their own terms.

Michael Knouse

Michael Knouse is THE Coach for Visionary Business Builders and High Performing Entrepreneurs.

He hosts The Startup Sessions Podcast and is the creator of The Council of Visionary Business Builders. Michael empowers mission-driven business leaders to achieve their full human potential through entrepreneurship. Working with Michael ensures that you will execute on your boldest ideas, implement proven strategies for growth and have the most impactful year of your life.

Confidence comes from courage and courage comes from doing the things that scare you, over and over, until they don’t scare you anymore.
— Michael Knouse

Pregame Member Bonus

Apply a percentage of your Pregame membership dues to The Council of Visionary Business Builders.

Contact Michael at

Michael has helped me channel my energy again into places where I can be of greatest service – by working in a zone of profitability while also creating something lasting and meaningful in the world. Win-Win!


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