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michael RODERICK

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Michael Roderick is the founder of Small Pond Enterprises, a company that works at the intersection of relationship building and thought leadership. Michael helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders using the same methodology he used to go from being a high school English teacher to a Broadway producer in under two years. He helps innovative entrepreneurs and visionaries move from the middle to the mainstream by developing a referable brand that people remember and quote.

Michael is also an expert at how to build authentic relationships that lead to real business opportunities. His concepts have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and numerous podcasts. He also is the host of the show Access to Anyone and the founder of ConnectorCon, a conference for connectors in New York City. 

This is not your usual networking advice. It’s changed how I sell, negotiate, add value to partnerships and collaborations, and show up in my sphere of influence.
— Jason Van Orden, Digital Brand Strategist for Thought Leaders


One on One Coaching
Michael works with a small number of entrepreneurs on assessing their existing networks, identifying opportunities, and developing their voice so they can cut through the noise in their industry and crossover into other industries. He'll help you curate your network so you are taking fewer meetings that lead nowhere, cultivate your existing relationships so you are getting more introductions, and create compelling content that will attract speaking engagements, podcast and media interviews as well as mentorship opportunities. 

Referable Brand Intensive
In this three-hour session Michael will help you identify what elements of your content are the most compelling and work with you on developing frameworks, images, and taglines that you can use for book ideas, content for blogs and guest articles, and titles for talks. You'll get to the heart of why it is you are doing the work you're doing and find ways to communicate it so that more people want to work with you and hear from you. You'll move from everyday language to a narrative that will leave people hanging on your every word. 

While Michael technically has a system, it’s so lightweight and practical that you don’t need to program software or anything like that to make it work. You can actually keep it all in your head and that’s really helpful if you’re at a conference with thousands of people and your phone or laptop dies.

The “system” still works! Three years later, all business is still by invitation and referral only! One day we’ll get around to advertising when we’re not too busy.
— Marc Aarons, 80/20 Solutions

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