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[Bootcamp] Rock the Talk: Speak Like a Pro!

  • PREGAME 926 NW 13TH AVE Portland United States (map)
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Are you looking to build your speaking career or improve your effectiveness as a spokesperson for your business? 

Join renowned speaking coach Cathey Armillas, marketing expert and author of "How to Rock a TED Talk,” for a high-intensity bootcamp where you’ll go from concept to stage in just four weeks.

Limited to six participants, this workshop will help you hone the idea that will make you most memorable with your audience. The bootcamp culminates in a videotaped performance of your talk where you’ll get live feedback from Cathey and all participants, plus suggestions for where to pitch your talk.

Starts June 4
4x Tuesdays at 1:00pm - 2:30pm

Week 1: Find Your Idea

  • Identify your unique idea

  • Avoid cliches and get creative

  • Shareworthy talk topics

  • Idea Map 1.0

Week 2: Support Your Idea

  • Storytelling to support your idea

  • Adding interesting information without overwhelming your audience

  • Eliminate the fluff

  • The Story File

Week 3: Put it Together Like a Pro

  • Idea Map 2.0

  • Creating an effective rehearsal process

  • Using your phone as a speaking coach

  • Methods the pros use

Week 4: Rock Your Talk

  • Give your talk at Pregame

  • Live coaching from Cathey

  • Get feedback from all participants

  • Suggestions for where to pitch your talk

  • Video of your talk for further development or your speaker reel

$597 Guests
$297 Members

Cathey Armillas is a Marketing Strategist and the author of the award-winning book, The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 ½ Ways to Get People to Love You ( When companies need to reach people in unique ways, they call on Cathey Armillas. Her clients range from big brand companies like Intel, Nike and Xerox; to cities, agencies and creative organizations like Viacom and Ogilvy. As a speaker, Cathey teaches people the Unbreakable Rules of Marketing so they can use them in their efforts to get people to love them, and love what they do. Cathey shows her authenticity and heart as a TEDx speaker, speaking coach and organizer. Cathey has coached many to rock their TED Talk from young rising star celebrities to WWII War heroes.

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