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Linda Stimac

Linda Stimac’s career is about helping business leaders close the gap between actual and potential performance in client acquisition, talent acquisition and high performing teams. 

Her signature program, Facilitate: Redefining Sales for Advisor 2.0, has helped thousands of seasoned and next generation professionals to change habits and beliefs as well as acquire the unique facilitation skills and techniques that translate into sustainable gains in productivity.  Facilitate was recently selected as the centerpiece for an industry-wide learning program offered by Texas Tech University’s Center for Financial Responsibility.

Linda's Pregame HQ is the PDX Clubhouse. Connect with her for:

  • The Benchmark
  • Facilitate
  • Talent Acquisition & High Performing Teams
  • Guest Speaking

I give Linda my highest recommendation when the objective is optimizing the potential for work teams - or developing the skills necessary to truly work in a collaborative advisor/client long-term relationship - what we call ’Advisor 2.0’
— Richard M. Weber, President, The Ethical Edge Inc.

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Linda Stimac is a performance mentor.

She works with leaders and key team members whose mission is to stop selling and start facilitating.

Her passion is helping business leaders reach their full potential.

The Benchmark
How do you (or your team members) compare with an Expert Facilitator of Decision Making in terms of qualities, beliefs and skills?  Find out where you are already strong and uncover gaps that you can close and achieve measurable results.

A game changing 12-week learning program that includes (1) your own Online Resource Board with downloadable AV clips to optimize your busy schedule, (2)  group coaching sessions with Linda and other entrepreneurial peers and (3) one-on-one mentorship with Linda.

Talent Acquisition & High Performing Teams
Take advantage of a selection process that Linda implements with professional associations and senior leaders across the country.  Her “Leadership Analytics” program helps teams identify exactly how to maximize productivity and efficiency.  She is one of a select number of people in the world to have earned the KolbeÒ Master Team Consultant designation, a result ofintensive study with Kathy Kolbe.

Clients take action for one of three reasons: to fix, accomplish, or avoid something. Our job as Expert Facilitators is to help them identify which it is and describe the potential negative outcome of not taking action. That is how effective decision making (not selling) begins.
— Linda Stimac

Pregame Member Bonus

Complimentary Benchmark assessment and 30-minute debrief conversation.

25% off 12-week Expert Facilitator Entrepreneurs program at Pregame. Offered quarterly.

Complimentary copy of Linda's upcoming book.

Contact Linda at 310-508-6289 or

The Group Benchmark was an invaluable tool to help me reinforce positives that were clearly identified in my sales associates. Just as important, I learned exactly what was missing for each associate to reach his or her highest potential.
— Jim Kinney, Vice President, Baird & Warner


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