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the kickoff session

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Get expert advice before your next move

The Kickoff Session is the ultimate strategy session to clarify your goals and create your game plan.

Huddle one-on-one with an experienced business expert to get the 30,000-foot-view of your status and potential:

What are your opportunities?
Are your products and pricing on point?
How can we increase your revenue?
How can you optimize your team?
How can we accelerate your progress?
How can we successfully manage your growth?

You’ll walk away with clear goals for your next quarter and get matched with resources that can help you move forward faster.

If you’re getting ready to grow, The Kickoff Session is exactly what you need to be confident you’re going in the right direction.


Get unstuck today: 100% strategy, zero obligation

After The Kickoff Session, you can move forward at your pace, or join Pregame to get ongoing support.

Eliminate Your Blind Spots.
What are you missing? We'll help you identify opportunities and how to overcome obstacles.

Make the Most of Your Time + Money. 
What’s the most effective way forward? You'll get specific recommendations for your business and best next steps. 

Get Real Accountability for Your Goals.
Who's got your back? Get matched with the Pregame people and services that will move you forward faster. 

$247 for your 75-minute, 1:1 session

Questions? Contact Pregame at

Today I had my one-on-one Kickoff Session at Pregame and made a seriously kick-ass plan of attack for my business. We figured out in ONE HOUR what I have been laboring over for nearly twelve months. I have no incentive to share this other than I genuinely believe what Pregame is doing is revolutionary for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
— KS, Designer

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