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grow your business with the support of a team


Join a Home Team at Pregame

Create your game plan for business growth in Home Team, your weekly business coaching session!

If you’re ready to get accountability for your goals, Home Team is where it all comes together.

  • Optimize your time with super-efficient 55-minute sessions

  • Master a new business best practice every week

  • Multiple sessions available to match your schedule

  • Limited to 7 people so you can make real connections

  • Walk away with a new way to level up your business every time

Join your Pregame Coach and teammates to overcome your obstacles and celebrate your success!


It’s not enough to have a vision; you need the accountability. Write it down. Make it an action. Once they are actions, they become a part of your life. I take my business seriously and I have goals. Pregame gives me exactly what I need to achieve them.
— JT, Designer


Home Team: Product Businesses
Starts September 12


Huddle with fellow Makers + Product businesses to share resources, ideas, and challenges related to production, e-commerce, hiring, life balance, and much more. Coach Loren Castillo has had several startups including one that rapidly grew to over $1.7m in digital sales.

Limited to 7 people
Starts September 12
Thursdays @ 12pm


The Home Team Advantage

Flexible Schedule
Need to miss a session? No worries! You can attend any other Home Team that week - the topic is the same but the people playing are different, so it’s a chance to connect with more Pregame members.

Dedicated Time + Space for You
It’s vital to spend focused time working ON your business, not just in your business. Pregame provides everything you need, including a beautiful space, experienced experts, and immediately actionable ideas for growth.

Pregame PDX Clubhouse Space - Photo by Dan Hawk (8).jpg

When I joined Pregame, I was excited to be part a community where entrepreneurs could gather and support each other. I wanted to be around others who would ‘get me’ and understand the challenges that I face. But I’ve gotten so much more. I get weekly accountability with people I trust. I get planning sessions to make sure that I’m clear and focused. And I get a built-in team of business builders that understand what I’m going through and can offer valuable insight and perspective. For me, building a business is a team sport and Pregame is where I go to ensure that I’m on track and have a solid game plan.
— MK, Business Coach + Product Entrepreneur with a successful exit

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