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Welcome to Pregame! Our Clubhouse is designed to optimize your personal + professional development. Accordingly, please follow our community guidelines in order to create an environment that supports our collective productivity and growth.



Member Entry. All Members must check in with reception to gain entry. Membership may be terminated if a member allows his or her membership to be used by a nonmember. 

Membership Database. It is important for us to have your current details in our membership database. If your contact or payment details change please let our staff know.

Guests. Member's guests are permitted in the club at the discretion of the management. The Club reserves the right to limit the number of times any one guest can use the Club and reserves the right, in its discretion, to prevent any guest from using a Club.  A member’s guests may not enter the club without that member present. All guests must sign in at the front desk and present photo identification prior to using any Club. Members may not allow their guests to remain in the House when they leave. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests follow all club rules and policies, and can face suspension or termination of membership if their guests violate those rules.

Proposing New Members. Members are welcome to propose new applicants to join the club. Applications will follow the standard review process and new members are admitted as space is available. 

Sales and Recruiting. To respect the educational environment of our community, sales pitches and recruitment are prohibited. Members may share information about their work for the purpose of seeking feedback or offering perspective. Affiliate marketing is strictly prohibited.

Complimentary Items. Complimentary items (including, but not limited to training sessions, materials, or other promotional offers) may be distributed at the discretion of Pregame and have no cash value.  Only members with an active account in good standing may redeem complimentary items in accordance with their terms and complimentary items become null and void upon termination or expiration of membership for any reason.

Rights and Privileges of Membership. A member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of the House and shall be bound by these rules but shall have no proprietary rights in any of the premises or in respect of property of the Clubhouse. 


Events, Workshops, Sessions

Scheduling Policies. The client agrees to make every effort to notify Pregame of cancellations or other schedule changes at his/her first opportunity. Late cancellations and no-shows may result in a cancellation fee.

Late Arrivals. Allow enough time to sign in before each event. Do not enter a class late or leave early unless you give the staff prior notice. If you have issues that prevent full participation, please discuss the situation with the staff before class.

Private Sessions. All sales of additional services are final and non-refundable. Coaching sessions expire one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of purchase, unless indicated otherwise. Clients may cancel or change the time of a private session or individual service at least twenty four (24) hours prior to the Session. Member will be charged for the full cost of the Session on any late cancellations or no-show appointments.

Non-Pregame Trainers. Use of non-Pregame coaches or other paid advisors on site is prohibited. 


The Clubhouse  

Presentation of Identification. Members may be asked at any time by Pregame staff or coaches to display a valid membership or identification card, or registering as a guest and providing identification.

Mobile Phones. Mobile devices should be turned off or set to airplane mode prior to classes. To protect the relaxed atmosphere within the Clubhouse, members may not take or make phone calls in the Clubhouse. Texting is permitted. Please ensure that your guests adhere to our phone policy.

Food & Beverages. Please refrain from bringing in any outside food, unless medically necessary.

Legal Substances. Alcohol may be brought to the Clubhouse only with prior management approval. Cannabis products are prohibited at the Clubhouse except with prior management approval in connection with industry networking or education.

Illegal substances. No member or guest of a member shall use, ingest, possess, or distribute illegal drugs while on House premises. If any of the uses occur, the membership in question will be terminated.

Private Parties. We may at times close the Clubhouse to members for private events.

Children. Guests under the age of 21 are not permitted at the Clubhouse.  

Animals. No animals will be allowed in the Clubhouse except for assistance dogs and Grandmaster Flash the Bunny, our official mascot.

Valuables and Personal Property. Members are urged to avoid bringing valuables onto Club premises.  Pregame shall not be liable for the loss of, or theft of, or damage to, personal property of Members or guests.

The Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is a proprietary private membership club and the Proprietor is Pregame, 926 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209. The Proprietor reserves the right to charge members a joining fee, an annual subscription fee, and for admission to the House premises from time to time. The right to amend or waive any such fees or subscriptions shall be in the Proprietor’s sole discretion. No reason will be given for refusal of an application at any stage.

Interpretation of the Rules. In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the management, whose decision shall be final.

Amendments to the Rules of the Club. Pregame may change the rules of the club by displaying notification of the change on our website. A copy of these rules will be made available to members with reasonable notice. 

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