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new year. new game.


welcome to pregame 2.0

This New Year, Pregame is going bigger with new opportunities for you to grow, connect, and thrive.

It's the game where everyone wins: First, commit to a weekly Home Team for clarity, consistency, and accountability. Then, huddle with new Experts to get insight on how you can move forward with strategy and style.

Our 2018 focus is creating win-win opportunities that elevate the entire team. Game on!

If people don’t get the value of Pregame, they’re missing the boat. It’s such an affordable way to learn. You can’t get this from a one-time experience; you need the accountability. It’s not enough to have a vision. Write it down. Make it an action. Once they are actions, they become a part of your life. I take my business seriously and I have goals. Pregame gives me exactly what I need to achieve them.
— J.T., Interior Designer

move forward faster in 2018

1. Kick Off Your New Year
Join us at our annual New Year's Goal Brunch on January 7 to get motivation and clarity for your 2018 goals. Members: create your business goals at Game Plan Bootcamp on January 5 or 26.

2. Pick a Home Team
Stay on track with a team that's dedicated to your success. Sign up below, via your online account, or at the Clubhouse.

3. Get Expert Perspective
Meet the players who are changing the game: our Experts bring insight based on real experience and results on the field.

4. Elevate Yourself by Elevating Others
Invite a friend to a Pregame workout with our Player Plus One guest pass, or share your expertise by stepping into the spotlight at your own Guest Speaker Series event.


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One of the most daunting aspects of starting your own business is feeling like you’re out there trying to figure everything out by yourself. Pregame is the exact opposite of that. I get an objective read on my business, marketing, and goals, and great ideas on how to really present my business the way I see it. In addition, the connections and community of other like-minded entrepreneurs is a welcome change from my usual work-from-home vibe.
— D.H., Photographer & Former Banker

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