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Goals: Accomplished

Pregame Member Achievements

Business Coach: Landed Five-Figure Client

Accounting Business: Hired First Employee

Wellness Business: Accepted to Premiere Incubator

Artist: Produced First Solo Show

CEO: Systemized Business... While Planning Her Wedding

Retail Chain Director: Drafted Company-Wide Operations Manual

First-Time Author: Won Book Award

Software Developer: Hired Project Manager & Launched Healthcare Software/App Solution

Ex-Intel Employee: Accelerated Launch of Consulting Business

General Manager: Created Marketing Plan & Systems

Interior Designer: Identified Disruptive Strategy to Traditional Pricing Model

Finance Professional: Negotiated 20%+ Higher Salary

Photographer: Branded Business & Conquered Online Ads

Inventor: Shifted Business to Avoid Taking on Investors & Retain Ownership

Mid-Career Consultant: Got Her Swagger Back

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