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Need expert perspective before your next play? Schedule a one-on-one session so you can move forward with confidence.

Your 55-minute session can be in person at Pregame HQ or online via Zoom. You set the goal and we’ll move you forward.

Every Pregame coach is an established pro with 10+ years of experience creating real-world solutions for businesses challenges. Now that's a win-win!

After my one on one meetings, I feel refueled and ready to stay the course in my business journey. My Pregame coach is truly gifted in helping people like me.
— BM, Maker

Business consulting for creators, innovators, and hustlers

  • Is my idea a viable business?

  • How should I price my services?

  • How do I create a basic budget for my business?

  • How do I systemize my business?

  • How should we launch this new product/service?

  • How can I be more productive?

  • Which idea should I work on next?

  • Am I doing the right marketing?

  • How do I get media coverage?

  • How do I establish myself as a thought leader in my industry?

  • What's my holiday marketing strategy?

  • How do I position myself for a new role?

  • Does this investor presentation make sense?

  • What am I missing in my business - where are my blind spots?


Business Coaches - Portland


Ciara Pressler / Business & marketing strategy

Ciara Pressler is the founder of Pregame and author of Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business. Through Pregame and Pressler Collaborative, she has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs globally to create their game plan for success. Ciara has a track record creating results in:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Standing Out from Competitors

  • Creating or Elevating Your Brand

  • PR Strategy

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Launching a Business / New Product

  • Getting Focused & Identifying Goals

  • Prioritizing Creative Projects

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Jennifer Price / Copy & Content

Jen Price a copywriter and content strategist specializing in lifestyle businesses. Her firm Much helps clients identify their ideal customer and create the words that will make marketing easier and sales more fun!

  • Target Audience / Ideal Customer Profile

  • Blog Planning

  • YouTube Vlogging

  • Copywriting

  • Content Strategy

  • Social Media Planning

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