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Maximize Your Membership

Welcome to Pregame!

We're honored to be part of your business journey. Think of us as your expert consultants, coaching program, and support network, all in one inspiring space.

Our commitment is to bring you the strategy, information, and expertise you need to achieve your goals. It’s up to you to create and implement your Game Plan.

Here’s what we recommend to get the most out of your Pregame membership. 

*Note that advance sign up is required for all workouts and events. Sign up closes 30 minutes prior to workouts and 60 minutes prior to events. If you can't make it, please cancel via your profile or by emailing us at pdx@pregamehq.com

Set Specific Goals


What do you want to achieve in the next year? We'll work together to identify your goals and course of action. We recommend setting goals in:

  • Product: what you do, services, structure, pricing
  • Audience: target clients, expanding your reach, increasing your list numbers
  • Money: revenue, profit, compensation, investment, funding
  • Team: hiring, training, incentives, vendor relationships
  • Operations: systems, habits, training, implementation
  • Impact: media exposure, reputation, thought leadership, community engagement

Establish Productive Habits

Get in shape and stay sharp by committing to a regular Pregame regimen:

  • Attend a Pregame workout 1x/week
  • Attend a Pregame event like our Guest Speaker Series or happy hour 1x/month
  • Have coffee with another Pregame member 1x/month
  • Set a reminder each month to sign up for events
  • Let us know if you need specific recommendations

Create Your Championship Year

Q1: Start Strong

Get on the right track with personalized guidance for your goals.

  • Kickoff Session
  • Set a specific 3-6 month goal
  • Attend the Game Plan Bootcamp
  • Try all five Game Plan Workouts

Q2: Elevate Your Skills

Select a Skills workout and go through a full cycle. Choose from:

  • The Audience: marketing strategy & systems
  • The Pitch: media exposure & building reputation
  • The Win: sales process & building revenue
  • And more
10.27_Jonathan Raymond_01.jpg

Q3: get expert perspective

Strengthen your network through building relationships with the Pregame network.

  • Set a new quarter goal
  • Commit to a new Skills workout
  • Build your network through Special Events, happy hours, and Huddles

4th quarter: master your momentum

Establish effective systems with community and accountability, then find opportunities for leadership.

  • Commit to a weekly Home Team session
  • Invite guests to Open Events
  • Pitch your own Special Event or Guest Workshop

Membership FAQ

What’s the membership commitment?
One year, then your membership continues month to month.

Does the membership rate ever go up?
Your membership rate will not increase during your initial membership contract. We’ll let you know at least 30 days in advance of any future rate increases.

Can my company have a membership?
Memberships are for individual people. If two or more people join from one company at the same time, we will apply an initiation discount.

Can I refer a friend to be a member?
Yes! The best people come through our best people, so if a new member joins through your referral, we thank you with a $100 credit on your account. The new member must reference you as their membership sponsor, and you must be an active member in good standing to receive this credit. You can apply the credit to a future membership payment or any product/service at Pregame. Simply let us know when you’re ready to redeem your credit by emailing pdx@pregamehq.com.

What if I get busy?
All businesses have busy seasons, and our members tend to start booking new business within 1-2 months of starting their Pregame membership. Try to continue showing up 2-3 times per month - that investment will help keep you organized, efficient, and focused on the big picture. Being at Pregame is your opportunity to work on your business instead of just in your business. When you hit a slow patch, get going again by amping up your Pregame schedule. 

Can I pause my membership?
Yes. You may pause your membership once per year for one month. You will be charged a $25 pause fee. Please give us at least two weeks written notice via email to pdx@pregamehq.com.

Can I cancel my membership?
Yes, you may cancel your membership after your initial contract commitment. Per your membership agreement, cancellations must be made in writing 30 days in advance. Simply send an email to pdx@pregamehq.com and we can set your membership to terminate in 30 days.

Can I rejoin Pregame if I cancel my membership?
Yes, you can rejoin Pregame at any time. Note that your new membership will be subject to the current membership rate and initiation fee.

I have another question.
We’ve got answers – email us at pdx@pregamehq.com.

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