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start with the kickoff session

Get an expert assessment of your business + potential

The Kickoff Session is a 60-minute, one-on-one strategy session to clarify your vision + goals.

We cover your past, present, and future, taking everything into context to create priorities. Next, we’ll match you up with the specific Pregame plan that will accelerate your progress and give you the right level of support.

If you’re getting ready to grow, The Kickoff Session is exactly what you need to be sure you’re headed in the right direction.


Eliminate Your Blind Spots.

Where do you need clarity and strategy? We'll help you identify your unique opportunities and how to overcome potential obstacles.

Make the Most of Your Time + Money. 

What will get you to where you want to be? In just one hour, you'll get specific recommendations for your business and best next steps. 

Get Real Accountability for Your Goals.

Who's making sure you win? Get matched with the Pregame people and services that will move you forward faster. 


Get in the game:
your first session is only $97

60-minute, 1:1 session
@ Pregame HQ or via phone/video

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Meet Your Trainer

Ciara Pressler has 10+ years of experience helping creators, entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations create their game plan for growth. Much more than a business coach, Ciara is an award-winning entrepreneur and established marketer who gives specific advice based on real-world experience.

We’ve worked with Ciara throughout our 10 years of business, from creating our brand to the launch of our latest program. Her knack for capturing the essence of a product/service and communicating that to the desired audience is something that can’t be taught – she simply just gets it.
— JC, Executive Director, Coaching Firm

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