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the kickoff session: accelerate your business goals

let's create your game plan.

Is it time to grow your business, launch a new project, or accelerate your goals?

In your first Pregame session, we'll meet one on one to get to know you so we can advise you on goals, priorities, and potential. We'll discuss your experience, strengths, and challenges, then look ahead to start your strategy for moving forward faster. 


Shine a Spotlight on Your Blind Spots.

We'll give you an expert assessment of your long-term potential and immediate next steps.

Make the Most of Your Time + Money. 

When the clock's ticking, you don't have time to mess around. We focus on efficient action and real results.

Get Real Accountability for Your Goals.

Get matched with the Pregame resources that will move you forward faster. 

Get in the game:
your first session is only $97

regularly $197 // 60-minute, one-on-one session @ Pregame HQ

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Today I had my one-on-one session at Pregame and made a seriously kick-ass plan of attack. We figured out in ONE HOUR what I have been laboring over for nearly twelve months. I genuinely believe what Pregame is doing is revolutionary.
— K.S., Designer
The private Kickoff Session is worth its weight in gold, while the workshops keep me focused, accountable, and inspired. In fact, in addition to getting solid business development support, a membership at Pregame offers a fantastic antidote to being one’s own biggest obstacle.
— U.K., Content Strategist

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