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This spring, Pregame introduces Green Week: five all-star events featuring Portland innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Join us to get the info, strategy, and connections you need to grow your business. 


Growing Silicon Forest
w/ Rick Turoczy

What's the future of tech in Oregon? Join Rick Turoczy, editor of Silicon Florist, to find out how the tech game is played in Portland, what successful startups have in common, the latest in funding trends and sources, and how to create sustainable community in the Silicon Forest.

Monday, April 17 @ 5pm

startup funding
w/ sara batterby

You've got your business idea, now how do you fund it? Sara Batterby, angel investor and cannabis entrepreneur, explains why flipping the script in your funding game is essential to creating the right results. Find out more about options available to startups and how to make the game work for you.

Tuesday, April 18 @ 5pm

Sustainable Entrepreneurship
w/ Viridian Reclaimed Wood

How can you create a local business that's environmentally responsible while still revenue-focused? Join Joe Mitchoff and Pierce Henley, founders of Viridian Reclaimed Wood, to get the inside story of their entrepreneurship journey building a multi-million dollar business that's environmentally conscious and Portland proud. We'll have a candid discussion and open Q&A about balancing company values, a commitment to the community, and sustainability in every sense. 

Wednesday, April 19 @ 5pm

The Business of Cannabis
w/ Equity rock inc 

It's Oregon's fastest-growing industry -- Green is the new Gold Rush. Driving a team that has provided over $50 million in funding to the cannabis sector, Equity Rock Inc is at the forefront. Get the latest on industry trends, opportunities, and best practices for becoming a profitable cannabis business.

Thursday, April 20 @ 12pm

Haters Gonna Hate
w/ Ciara Pressler

Every player's gotta deal with haters, but they don't have to bring your business down. Whether you're dealing with shady competitors or unfair Yelp reviews, find out how you can convert haters from being on the defensive to being on the cheer squad.

Friday, April 21 @ 2pm

Spring Kickoff
w/ Pregame Players & Fans

Join the Pregame team to kickoff our first Happy Hour of the season. Bring a friend - drinks on us!

Friday, April 21 @ 4pm

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