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New Year's Goal brunch 2019

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super goal sunday: it’s the party of the new year!

Kick off your New Year with strategy and style! Now in its eighth year, Goal Brunch is a gathering of old and new friends to eat, drink, connect, and celebrate. Get motivated with clarity on what you want this year and the inspiration and connections to achieve it.

Join Ciara Pressler, founder of Pregame and author of Game Plan, to celebrate all you already are and co-create what's next.

Don't miss the party of the New Year!

go bigger than you think you can.
Make the new connections that will make it happen.
because We don’t do resolutions.
We achieve goals.

Goal Brunch gave me the focus and drive to triple my income this year.
— M.A., Business Owner & Goal Brunch Alum
Ciara Pressler’s Game Plan provides an innovative way to identify your top priorities for the year, and gain the momentum you need to achieve them.
— Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You & Stand Out, Goal Brunch Alum
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It started 8 years ago…

When Ciara gathered a group of friends for brunch in NYC on New Year’s Eve 2010. No gossip, just goals.


Then It became a book…

After a few years of sharing the goal worksheets online, Ciara pulled it all together into Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business.

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And now it’s pregame!

The only thing that could make Goal Brunch better? Make it year round! Now Pregame keeps players accountable for their goals, all day every day.

Celebrate yourself and create your best year. You are worth it.


I started Goal Brunch because I believe life is about becoming the best you can be and helping your people do the same. My friends, as different as we all are, share one thing: a commitment to continually raise our bar for growth, depth, truth, and any reason for a party.

After the holiday rush is over, Goal Brunch is your official time out to celebrate your past year, then take a wider view of your life to create intention and meaning for the year ahead.

Goal Brunch is not a motivational speech or an awkward networking event. It's a celebration with amazing people who believe in redefining success. It’s about gaining new perspective to set your own standards for life, relationships, health, wealth, work, creativity, and happiness. 

Invite someone you love and make a decision to make 2019 extraordinary.

Strategy and Style,
Ciara Pressler

Ciara is inspirational and has a great sense of humor. She is razor-sharp in her observations for business as well as life goals. Her Brunch is fun and vibrant, and the nuggets of wisdom she imparts are gold.
— M.V., Seattle

new year’s goal brunch: Portland

Sunday, January 6
11:00am - 1:30pm

Urban Studio
935 NW Davis Street

Tickets $60
Pregame Members $50
Reserved Table for Up to Eight Players $397
Includes Brunch!

new year’s goal brunch: New York CITY

Save the Date: Sunday, January 20
Location TBA

private goal brunch for your team

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Do you lead a team that needs to level up in the New Year?

Goal Brunch is a unique and impactful team building event that builds communication, accountability, and camaraderie.

Contact us at to inquire about booking your own personal Goal Brunch at the venue of your choice.

Anyone who brings Ciara in to do a workshop will easily get triple the value of what they spend. Expect nothing but powerful growth for you and your company.
— Michael Roderick, New York City

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