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Dana Corey Coaching

Dana Corey

Dana Corey gives business owners the rocket fuel to reach those crazy, can’t-even-bring-myself-to-think-them, never-gonna-happen goals. Then, she coaches clients to make those goals become the new normal, so they are off tackling their next impossible goals.

Dana's clients are entrepreneurs who have owned their businesses for long enough that they've successfully created a job for themselves and they're making money, but they feel trapped in day-to-day operations and fear that the freedom to live life the way they had dreamed is as far off as ever. She helps seasoned business owners move from being stuck in the never-ending cycle of doing, doing, doing to leadership through strategies, systems and service. 

Dana's Pregame HQ is the PDX Clubhouse. Connect with her for:

  • Guest Speaking
  • Business Coaching & Consulting
  • Strategic Advising

Dana Corey rocks! Be sure to leverage the opportunity to hear her wisdom. And if you’re fortunate enough to be asked to participate in any of her coaching services, jump at it now!
— Kimberly Ross Jackson, Founding Member, International Coach Federation & Forbes Coaches Council

Dana Corey

Dana Corey is an international speaker and high performance business strategist.

She combines nuts and bolts strategy with walk-beside-you partnership, getting successful business owners beyond what they already know.

Her passion is transforming entrepreneurs who feel trapped by the job they’ve created, into CEOs who enjoy the freedom for which they started their journey.

A life well lived is a life that constantly expands our understanding of who we are and of what we are capable. At heart, growing a business is all about personal growth, 90% being and only 10% doing. It’s about challenging our assumptions and pushing our boundaries, and seeing what power we have in the world.
— Dana Corey

Pregame Member Bonus

Complimentary Breakthrough to Freedom session, 45 minutes. Assess the “Five Foundations: Vision, Plan, Mindset, Skills & Accountability” in your business and define priorities.

Contact Dana at 503-789-5606 or

I hired a high performance coach. It was not easy for me to make a significant investment in myself and my business at a time when I felt like a couple of bad months could derail me. Then again, I don’t think this was supposed to be an easy decision. I value having someone to look at my actions and call me out when I try to take yet another detour. And I value someone that sees and holds a bigger vision for me, stretches me beyond my comfort zone, holds me accountable, and isn’t afraid to kick my ass when needed. As a result, I’ve stepped up my game big time. I’m all in.
— Michael Knouse, Host, The Startup Sessions


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